2021 Ralph Fowler Chardonnay

Barrel fermented in French Oak. Rich, nutty and creamy. Melon/peach and lychee. Lime Blossom. Crisp, intense with remarkable linger and purity.

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A Golden Jubilee is a celebration of a significant event that took place 50 years ago and I am proud to offer this wine as a celebration of Ralph’s winemaking life. Our Golden Jubilee Chardonnay is made to commemorate his involvement in the first chardonnay made at Tyrrell’s in the Hunter Valley in 1971. These wines styled after the great White Burgundies in France changed wine drinking habits in Australia forever.

This traditional styled and made Chardonnay is as close to that original winemaking as possible.

Barrel fermented in French oak barriques and aged on the yeast sediments in those barrels for five months creates a depth of flavour and complexity in the wine. This shows as a subtle nutty and truffle aroma and a length, creaminess, and richness to the flavours.

Chardonnay in our cool coastal environment and with selected clones of the 1980’s is typified by the dominate melon, peach and fresh lychee notes found in the aroma. The underlying citrus character is typically lime and lemon blossom.

The positive retention of the natural acidity and strong fruit flavours of the wine are highlighted on the palate with crisp length and intensity. The wine finishes in the mouth with a remarkable linger and purity.

A wine that will reward cellaring, growing in flavour and aroma over many years.