RF Heritage Shiraz

Bunch selected. Hand picked. Barrel fermentation in French Oak. Berry flavour with spiciness, pepper, earth and leather.

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This limited wine is released as a testimonial to Ralph’s 50 years of winemaking. Only 1200 bottles were made from the exceptional 2015 vintage. Only the perfect bunches were individually selected and handpicked before gentle destemming and partial crushing. Fermentation was conducted in specially prepared French oak barrels before a soft basket press taking only the best draining and returning the new wine to the same barrels for aging. The bunch selection, gentle handling and basket pressing are evident in the silky texture and fine tannins. The barrel fermentation and aging and the fruit quality contribute to the complexity and powerful aromas showing in the wine. A happy mix of cool climate and ripeness showing both strong berry flavour with spiciness, pepper, earth and leather. The iron fist in a silk glove, having richness, warmth and long lingering flavour and strong fine tannins.